Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is used facial rejuvenation and cellulite treatment in hair care. Injection of the drug is applied to the dermal layer. Mesotherapy is an alternative, complementary treatment.

It is injected into the scalp with fine-tipped needles designed for mesotherapy to stop hair loss and strengthen existing hair, vitamins, minerals and some antioxidants that the hair needs. The skin is softened by thermotherapy (steam application) before injection. Thusly, nutrients are given to hair follicles and hair is strengthened.

Although mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure, it is considered a painless and procedure.

After the application, the hair should not be washed and chemical treatment should not be done.



It will be more accurate to decide the number of hair sessions after the examination.It is usually recommended to use 10 sessions after analyzing the hair. Factors such as aging rate and failure rate are key factors in deciding how often and at what stage the sessions will take place.

Sessions are usually 10-15 minutes for men and 30 minutes for women in 10 sessions. The first four sessions are completed once a week and once every 15 sessions. Thereafter, optional reinforcement sessions may be held once a month.

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