FUE technique is one of the two methods used in modern hair transplantation at the present time. Unlike to FUT, the FUE is characterized by extracting the hair follicles to be extracted individually with high precision hollow tools and usually retransplanting immediately after removal.


When is the FUE method purposeful?

If you only need to cure a smaller part and want to remove follicles separately without leaving any marks.

Some examples

  • Drawing thin lines and smaller parts for reconstruction of thin lines
    For beard hair transplant
  • For eyebrow compression
  • For reconstruction of breast hair
  • If you want to live without marks

How to make the FUE method?

Self hair transplantation in 5-8 hours with FUE

The individual removal of the hair follicles is repeated one hundred thousand times in precise and concentrated work, as required. The characteristic of FUE is that there is no clear distinction between the collection and the reimplantation stage, but that all hair follicles are directly resettled without detours in favor of an optimal aesthetic result. As that procedure requires special experience and routine, FUE hair transplantation is done only by individually trained FUE specialists. Thus, we ensure that the growth rates of this method tend to be compensated compared to FUT. This measure ensures a consequent quality standard for hair transplantation, without chosen  the FU concept.

The FUE technique is a proven treatment method that has been used for decades as the gold standard for the treatment of small areas, retraction of hair lines, reconstruction of hair lines, as well as beard transplantation, eyebrow pinching and reconstruction of breast hair.

FUE Method: Fully Scarless – Great for Short Hair Style

The hair follicles are removed one by one in a FUE instead of removing the skin strip,thusly a scar can be completely discarded. Created small holes heal smoothly during the removal process, but it leaves an amount of micro-colors corresponding to the previously removed grafts. In principle, they are invisible to the human eye and covered with extremely short hairs. Thus, the FUE method allows even extremely short hair styles to a large extent without restriction and gives patients more freedom to choose future hair styles. The FUE technique usually requires far greater, healthy and intense donor area and takes  more time. So, the cost of FUE interventions is also slightly higher than the FUT interventions of the same removal rate in grafts. FUE removal can only be done on short hair, so shaving the donor area is a must. Shaving the recipient area is typically not necessary, but can significantly shorten the duration of the procedure.

Instantly hair transplant for best results

The receiving area of previously bald and sparse areas is provided by a high-precision arrangement small, approximately pore-sized perforated channels called slits. Basically, a FUE consists of hundreds to thousands of individual small hair transplantations. However, we work in favor of a more natural growth direction of the hair and better flammability on each hair follicle that is removed separately in the laborious hands work at Medical One. The needed tools are carefully selected in advance on the properties of the hair follicles to perform a FUE. And if needed,it is determined again during treatment depending on the exact position of the follicle to be transplanted.

Treatment procedure with FUE method

  • Before your hair transplantation, the ideal treatment concept, including the drawing of the next hairline, will be discussed again with your doctor.
  • You will be informed about the approximate duration of treatment: the FUE technique in Medical One takes about 5 to 8 hours for individual hair transplants. Especially for extensive treatments, the procedure can be planned through two days.
  • A well-tolerated and easy local anesthesia is performed for stressless and painless treatment.
  • The procedure begins with the individual removal of follicular units that have been transported from the donor area or the hair ring.
  • For patients only in Medical One : Each hair follicle is carefully prepared by hand immediately after removal. This procedure improves the naturalness of hair growth of the transplanted hair follicles and increases flammability.
  • The recipient area called slit is prepared with small puncture tubes for re-planning the grafts.
  • Our own hair technicians ensure that the follicular units are placed directly on the bald areas. Particular emphasis is here on improving original hair growth and natural modeling.
  • You will get the most important information and behavioral recommendations for the first few days after the procedure.
  • In the first few days, you should only wash your freshly sown hair as instructed by Medical One. Hair is in the resting phase now.
  • The last result of your hair transplantation is seen after about 12 months. At that time, your permanently strong hair was reborn and was already several inches long.

Benefits of FUE treatment

  • Proven experts in hair transplantation offer a truly sustainable solution to your hair problem
  • Treatment by the most experienced and recognized hair surgeons in Europe
  • Hair transplantation according to FUE technique (individual extraction): gold standard
  • Implement the latest technologies and ensure the highest hygiene and safety standards
  • Apart from providing support with your personal hair consultant, separate and reliable advice
  • Counseling and treatment centers throughout Germany – at a hair clinic or hair center in your area
  • More than 25,000 patients trusted us.

Individual wishes are the focus of Medical One

Does the FUE method match my hair condition? Ask all your questions during the consultation – our specialists take your request very seriously. The closer we know your wishes, the better your intervention can be planned and you can decide which treatment is right for you.

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